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Why Choose Us?

  • We are owner-operated and Proud  to be Kenyans.
  • Our buying power gives us access to great rates and we pass the same benefits to you.
  • We are Experienced, Friendly and very Professional.
  • We have traveled the Africa Safari world — we don’t have to read from a book to give you destination information. We know the Hotels, Lodges, Camps, roads, and transport required — we can help you make appropriate selections based on your dreams, your expectations, your comfort zone, and your budget.
  • We are Kenyan based Christian Travel Agent and African Safari Tour Operator for and Not limited to East Africa region.
  • We’re also good listeners. Tell us what you want and we’ll find it for you.
  • We’re your Personal Travel Planning Coaches.
  • We are Professional Travel and Wildlife Safari Planners.
  • We can help you select the trip appropriate for you and your budget.
  • We are proud of our high level of customer service.
  • We represent quality and trusted hotels, Luxurious lodges, Camps around the East Africa.
  • We are honest — we pledge to give you all available information to the best of our knowledge regarding the products you are interested in. We do not hesitate to discourage some products based on their reputation and clients feedbacks. We feel that adequately informed guests make happy guests. Realistic expectations make for a terrific vacation experience — that is our goal for all our guests.
We do not just provide  email quotes — we provide personalized, customized searches for all guests in order to secure the best possible rates and available extra amenities for our valued clients. In order for us to be able to meet those high standards for pricing, value, knowledge and service — we sometimes  require that we must speak with you in order to “get acquainted.” We think that is an essential ingredient to help us help you enjoy your dream vacation with the best level of service you deserve for your investment.
We can help make your fantasy come true. Call or email  us today to get started on your dream vacation. Bon Voyage!

Wildlife safari guides

The most important aspect of Kenya/ Africa  safari is about the safari guides. These are the guys who could make or break your well deserved  adventure safari holidays to Africa.

Travelling with a dedicated and knowledgeable safari guide/naturalist enables our guests to enjoy a unique and enriching African safari experience. You will benefit from the extensive knowledge and wilderness experience of your private guide, who will provide your group with consistent and detailed interpretation of the flora, fauna and culture of the areas you visit, as well as  work in tandem with the resident Natuaralist guides who will share their intimate local knowledge of Kenya and Tanzania safaris and nature. The masai tribesmen guides for  Kenya safaris will share their knowledge on hunting skills, engage young safari makers (kids) in fun filled activities like spear throwing, nature walks and identifying foot prints of different species of wildlife in the walking safari advetures.

Our safari guide will travel with you for the entire safari, meet and greet on arrival and facilitating the logistics of your safari every step of the way until the end. This allow our guide to really get to know your group well and to understand the specific needs and interests of the individuals traveling together, while respecting the need for privacy and down time as much as possible.

All in all, since no-one wants a “one size fits all” safari, having a safari guide elevates your trip to a new level, providing a great amount of flexibility in planning your trip, while ensuring a safe and well-run safari experience in Africa.

All our Kenya safari guides are confident and at ease guiding professional groups or families, they particularly enjoy imparting their experience and knowledge to children on family safaris. We truly believe that knowledgeable kids will be good stewards of the land and will preserve their heritage for future generations. Our safari guides are Curious and observant by nature, as they learned all this in those early years about mammals, insects, birds and astronomy and their continued hunger for more information makes them truly Africa safari expert guides working as both natularalist and safari managers of your trip to Africa.

As the owner of this small luxury boutique, with many years as a naturalist in Kenya and Tanzania, I continue to lead and guide individuals, families and groups (including university and professional photographic and television teams) through Southern amd East Africa.  I’m able to inspire and captivate the imagination of my guests through my knowledge, deep respect for nature and outstanding interpretative skills. My role as a guide to be multi-faceted: teacher, tracker, conservationist and eye-opener and above all as your logistics manager to take care of your luggage, check in’s/ out’s.

All our other safaris guides ethics ecomposes knowledge and respect for all facets of the natural world, as well as their unending curiosity, good humour and patience, make them a memorable and inspirational guides for Kenya and other Africa safaris.

By choosing to travel with us you are guaranteed the quality of our guides and 24 hours customer service pilot line. Kenya is a fascinating destination with breathtaking sceneries and wildlife and our guides make up the link between wildlife, and successful safari holiday in Kenya.

In our next blog post we will be looking closely at the partners that make a memorable safari in Kenya…Your bush accommodation in Africa, from the budget mobile tented camps to the luxurious Out of Africa under the canvas Tented Lodges. This will include among others the former home of the movie actor, the late William Holden to the Karen Blexin story of  ‘Out Of Africa’ coffee plantation in Kenya.