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Funny facts about Cows

Animal accents!

Did you know?

  • That The accent of a cow’s mooing depends on the region it belongs to.
  • If you Make a cow listen to music and there will be more milk in the bucket!
  • An average cow weighs about 1,400 lbs.
  • Cows’ front teeth are only on the bottom—they have no front upper teeth. As to the back, cows have top and bottom molars.
  • No two Holstein cows have the same prints.
  • Cows can sleep while standing. :)
  •  A cow can’t vomit.

    •  On the top front of their mouths, cows have a tough pad of skin instead of teeth.
    • Cows have a total of 32 teeth, 8 incisors on the bottom front and 6 strong molars on the top and bottom back.
    • Cows produce up to 64qts of milk a day, 14lbs of cheese, 5 gallons of icecream or 6lbs of butter.

  • It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs, because a cow’s knees cannot bend properly to walk back down. 
  • Hahaha, this is a fantastic funny article about cows. esp about the music part. But your cow has lipstick on it, an attraction indeed.


    September 30, 2012

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