Our 2 Days 1 Night Kampala Agricultural Tour Uganda is a short holiday from the 2 Day Kampala Tours that allows guests to visit agriculturally based operations at local farm in Western Uganda located close to Kampala.

The tour takes you to Bukalasa Agricultural Research station which is the main center for agriculture research in Uganda to explore a range of crop breeding possibilities, the nutritious feeds, the range farm, the crop soil matching among other aspects.

The 2 Days 1 Night Kampala Agricultural Tour Uganda also includes a visit to the JESA Farm diary in Busunju which is the leading modern Diary Farm in Uganda.

The farm produces quality dairy cattle, milk collecting and processing systems not forgetting its myriad of dairy products that have taken the market by storm including the fresh milk, yoghurt, the butter and cream.


Day 1: Kampala – Drive To Bukalasa Agricultural Research Station

0800 Hours: Breakfast at your place of stay in Kampala followed by a departure to Bukalasa Agricultural Center. Our scenic drive today takes takes us along the Kampala – Gulu road for about 47 km’s  to Wobulenzi town.

We then branch off to proceed to Bukalasa about 5 km’s on murram driving through impressive countryside landscapes exploring the local farming practices before arriving at Bukalasa.

Upon arrival, you embark on the tour of the center. The center acts as the agricultural hub of Uganda serving as a center of research about animal and crop husbandry not forgetting the agricultural soils.

The center dates far back to 1920 when it was established as a Cotton Breeding Center during the colonial era and has since evolved to become a center of significance in the country.

The tour to the projects being undertaken and the accomplished ones including the crop and animal interbreeding, the new farming practices, the soil – crop matching, the palatable and highly nutritious pastures for livestock among others.

It is a whole day study tour (with lunch included) that will not only make your encounter memorable but also reward you with remarkable knowledge that you can apply to your farm to teach to others for impressive results.

After the tour, you drive back to Kampala for relaxation, dinner and overnight.

Meal Plan : {Lunch}

Kampala Accommodation Options
Budget Accommodation:
 Buziga Country Resort, Sunrise Hotel, Ravens Hotel
Midrange Accommodation: Humura ResortUrban by CityBlue, Fairway Hotel & Spa
Luxury Accommodation: Kampala Sheraton Hotel, Kampala Serena HotelLe Petit Village Hotel

Day 2: Kampala – Drive To The Jesa Farm Diary In Busunju

0800 Hours: Breakfast at your hotel in Kampala, then a road transfer to JESA Farm located 50 km’s North West of Kampala to explore an established modern dairy farm.

This great dairy farm saw its beginning in the year 1989. The farm has transformed from the sale of raw milk to processing and sale of a wide range of dairy products including fresh pasteurized milk, yoghurt, UHT milk, fresh cream and butter.

The Jesa Farm supports a count of 650 Friesian Cattle which are kept under the advanced animal husbandry and importantly the great count of animal feed is produced at this farm.

The farm also features a dairy plant which processes all the milk got from the farm and a count of 100,000 liters of milk are processed per day without sourcing of raw milk from a range of 150 out growers close to the farm and beyond subject to meeting the quality standards.

Jesa also offer extension services in terms of milk handling, quality bulls and vaccines. The JESA is among the two ISO food safety standard certified in Uganda along with being Halal certified which makes all its products to carry the Q mark system of UNBS.

Thus your day visit to JESA Farm is a great livestock agricultural encounter that you can ever have in Uganda.

After the tour you  drive back to Kampala in the evening.

Meal Plan : {Lunch}