2 Days 1 Night White Water Rafting Jinja River Nile is a short overnight tour from the 2 Day Kampala Tours full of thrills and spills to mild & mellow, this is the ultimate white water rafting adventure on the Nile.

On the first day you will spend about 4 – 5 hours on the river and the second day 4 – 5 hours on the river. The tour departs from Jinja 0830 Hours or Kampala at 0630 Hours. Pick-ups from other hotels in Jinja available on request.

The 2 Days 1 Night White Water Rafting Jinja River Nile also offers plenty of time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, admire the abundant bird life, watch the fisherman cast their nets from dugout canoes, wave at children collecting water and smile at the ladies doing their washing.

Sitting by a fire on the banks of the River Nile at night is an experience in itself, the complete silence and feeling of isolation as you count the stars in the sky can only be described as invigorating.

This trip departs every day (Except Christmas and New Years Day) and is subject to minimum 3 guests.


Day 1: Kampala – Drive To Jinja (Nile Source And Bujagali)

0630 Hours: Whether staying in Jinja or Kampala, we will provide free transport to our rafting meet point. Please ensure that we are aware of your pick-up point by the night before. Confirm with African Spice Safaris.

On arrival you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow rafters and guides while enjoying tea or coffee. After a quick briefing, you will be fitted out with life jackets and helmets before heading off 15 kilometers down river to the start point of the days rafting.

En-route you will have time to enjoy a breakfast of “Rolex”, fruit salad and juice. “Rolex” (rolled eggs) is Uganda’s famous equivalent of a breakfast burrito, a tasty Spanish omelet wrapped in a chapatti.

Rafting is a physical activity so make sure you eat up big. Snacks of fruit, nuts and biscuits are provided on the river to help keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but we don’t like to weigh you down with a big lunch just before the next major rapid.

Our rafting start point is on a flat pool just above our first major rapid, Overtime. While our crew unload the rafts and slide them down the ramp into the river you will have time to admire the spectacular view as well as use the toilets and changing room provided on site.

Once down at the river’s edge, you will receive a detailed safety briefing, before launching into the river for a last bit of practical instruction as we float down the pool.

Overtime kicks off with a bang, as we maneuver through the rocks and negotiate the 12 feet drop.

As the river meanders through beautiful scenery, we guide the rafts into the mighty challenges of some of the biggest and safest grade 5 white water rafting in the world.

Eight major rapids are rafted plus several lower graded runs; all selected to maximize your safety and fun.

We stop before all grade 4 and 5 rapids to explain to you the planned route through, so if at any time you feel you would prefer to join the safety boat or where possible, walk around and then rejoin the raft, this is absolutely fine.

Calm stretches of water separate the rapids – perfect for getting your breath back, taking a swim and enjoying the scenery.

Stopping in the early afternoon, a delicious late lunch awaits us at The Hairy Lemon where we will spend the night. A choice of accommodation is offered, either camping in our tents with mattresses and bedding, or dorms or bungalows.

Whichever you choose, this peaceful and relaxed island hideaway situated in the middle of the Nile, is the perfect place to spend the night.

With its own beach, there is lots of opportunity to continue the fun with a game of water volleyball and or simply to relax in the calm pools that surround the island.

For the keen fisherman, this is the perfect place cast a line. Bring along your own rods or hire them there. Relax with a drink while watching the wonders of nature and the dramatic colour change of the sky and the river on sunset.

Enjoy a hearty Berbeque dinner before drifting away to the campfire to reflect on the day’s events.

Overnight at the Standard Accommodation or Mid-Range Accommodation

Meal Plan {Lunch & Dinner}

Day 2 : Jinja (Nile Source And Bujagali) – Drive To Kampala

After a leisurely breakfast enjoying the spectacular views of the River Nile, we raft a further 15km down the river.

This section has fewer rapids, and longer meandering pools, so the pace is quite different, and to liven it up you have the option of paddling one of our two-man inflatable canoes or river boarding in the rapids.

The scenery is quite unspoilt, and you can enjoy the odd encounter with fishermen floating along in dugouts, or with bleary-eyed men brewing waragi, the toxic local moonshine.

Ending the day at the ferry point of Busana, we then head back to our new Riverside Restaurant for a delicious BBQ buffet meal and cold beers and sodas.

Once you have eaten your fill and sated your thirst with a couple of cold ones, we will then transport you to your destination, by shuttle bus to Kampala, or back to Jinja.

Meal Plan {Breakfast & Lunch}