Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management
The complexities of today's travel environment -- from airline industry impacts and hotel rate increases to the dynamic changes occurring in travel technology and distribution -- can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of a provider that looks beyond travel program management. As your travel logistics partner, Hirola safaris will provide the consultative expertise needed to successfully meet your program objectives by staying ahead of change with a clear strategy focused on delivering measurable results. Our ability to design, implement and execute effective corporate travel programs will enable your organization to offer travelers a high level of service balanced by lean, efficient processes to drive savings throughout your program.
Corporate Focus
Make no mistake -- Hirola Safaris is a corporate travel management company. More than 60% of our business is generated by corporate travel and a large portion of the remainder is also from adventure vacations and meetings programs handled for our corporate clients. We specialize in the kind of travel you do
Team Approach
At Hirola safaris and Travel, each group of agents operates as a "mini-agency" providing personal, direct attention to every caller. Whether you phone,or e-mail us, you get through to a senior agent with both international and domestic reservations experience. Each member of the team has direct access to the full range of specific client information needed to provide the very best service to the traveler. Less time in the reservations process translates into more productivity for your travelers.
Account Management
The rising cost and growing complexities of business travel today require not only a strong and comprehensive approach to program management but also sophisticated tools and a keen eye. Finding opportunities to simplify and streamline the business of travel is the specialty of our talented team of travel professionals. Our Strategic Account Managers act as your single point of contact and are accountable for the overall success and strategic direction of your travel program. Their expertise in travel program management coupled with their superior knowledge of the corporate travel industry enables them to create strategies to meet the unique needs of your travel program. The account manager is fundamental to creating a high-quality, innovative and progressive travel management program that we implement and manage as a part of your overall business plan.
Purchasing Power
Travel is still the third largest controllable expense for companies today. Hirola safaris can help Your company reduce a large part of its budget through effective management of air, hotel, and car rental expenditures. Hirola safaris can help its clients contain travel costs in a number of ways. A centralized travel management program makes it much easier to monitor habits and to eliminate costly deviations from sound travel policy. Advance purchase guidelines, use of non-refundable and electronic tickets, routing through alternative airports, strategic fuel purchasing for car rentals and other practices can significantly lower overall costs. This means bottom line savings for your company.
Negotiation Assistance
Hirola Safaris also provides extensive resources to help companies negotiate successful air, car and hotel programs by overcoming such challenges as increasing and overlapping airline performance requirements, greater purchasing and growing pressure for cost reduction. Hirola Safaris account managers are experts at negotiating with air, car and hotel vendors. With senior management support, your account manager will provide the level of support you require -- whether taking the lead in program negotiations or assisting with your procurement strategies. As appropriate, your account manager will:

  • Analyze travel patterns to make recommendations on cost containment or enhanced revenue potential
  • Negotiate with car and airline suppliers for local and national programs
  • Upon request, work with our hotel consulting group to create a comprehensive hotel program
  • Upon request, use our air consulting group to strategize, negotiate and measure air contract compliance