Volunteer Safaris Kenya

Our Esteemed guests,
" The story of High risk Children Centre in downtown Nairobi middle class surburb neighbouring an equally crime prone urban slum unfolds as if one is watching Discovery Channel documentary. One day I drove to the local administrator to seek a sponsorship application cover letter for one of the 3 total opharns that I adopted way back in 2001 when both their parents succumbed to HIV related complications. By then life enhancing Anti-retroviral drugs were not available in any public hospital in Kenya. The three total opharns are the children of my late brother. Both him and his wife passed on  and have since 2001 adopted the children. On my arrival at the local administrator' office and after explaining my mission, he pointed out through his office window to bring to my attention, the sad story of 3 brothers aged 4, 3 and 1 years respectively and informs me that 'they have been brought to his office by good samaritan as they were found abondoned in the neighbouring slums'. He requests me for assistance drop them to the nearest 'EQUIPPING CHILDREN,CHANGING LIVES' center run by a Non governmental christian organization after recording their details.This is the home of  children abandoned by single parents and others picked from dumping sites, road sides and in the slums.  The Chief (local administrator) explains to me that this Chlidren have not even eaten anything for the whole day other a packet of milk that was brought in by another good  samaritan. The chief assigns me his assistant  and together I drive them to the christian run center .At the center we find another group of about 30 children ranging from the ages of  2 weeks- 12 years each with different stories on how they ended there. Their caretaker Mr. Boniface and his colleagues narrates to us the story on how children are brought in by samaritans in dare need of care and malnutritioned. Some of them are abandoned when their parents realized that they are HIV postive and can longer provide for them. The story touched me so much despite the fact that I have my own opharns and I thought I should go something."

In Kenya, families must pay for their children’s high school education, which is about $250 a term at the most cost-effective public high schools. In a country where 60% of the population lives on less than $1 per day, the fee is often  impossible for most families to afford, especially those in urban slums and rural areas. As a result, many children stop attending school after the eighth grade, and they are left with limited employment prospects in menial jobs that do not require any skills or professional training. The proverbial cycle of poverty is perpetuated, and the poor become even poorer and girls marry at a very early age and boys engage in anything including pick pocketing, touting, and drug abuse.

Hirola Tours and Safaris has been supporting this Children home SINCE then by way of donating much needed clothing, food stuffs and medical care. We give back 3% of our profits for this needy home of  abandoned and high risk children and assist in finding poster parents willing to assist them through thier edeucation and up bringing.

Should you be planning to travel with us and feel touched by the plight of this children and you have anything to donate or VOLUNTEER for a day with them, we can arrange for this program to fit in your safari Itinerary.

Volunteering I believe will help allevaite poverty and give hope to impoverished children of  this country.Our Director (Patrick Andayi) comes from a very poor family himself and was brought up by a single mother, but his academic excellence in the primary grades opened doors to full scholarships at the high school and collegiate levels. Recognizing the value of education, his primary education were in  poor classes and  conditions there were mediocre at best. Classes were held outside under a tree or inside corrugated aluminum shacks with dirt floors and thin walls that had no doors or windows. Water was unfit for drinking, and there was no food available for its desperately poor students. With volunteer packages, he hopes to give back to the society and improve the lives of his community who still lives under 1$ per day.

Volunteer Tourism aims to experience the “Kenyan” way of life, and regular immersion with the greater community. Volunters will also benefit from the positive exposure and cultural exchanges and friendships that are sure to develop from this cooperation. We want to take volunteer tourism to the next level with meaningful, cultural immersion for its guests and a promise of real social change for the local people of Kenya.

Hirola tours and Safaris will offer an extensive menu of volunteer projects that meet the varied skill sets and ages of its guests. In addition to volunteering, guests will explore the area’s extensive environmental riches with locally trained tour guides.We will offer tours to Kakamega Rain Forest Reserve for bird watching trips.  “Big 5” game safaris in Masai Mara National Park, bird-watching in Lake Nakuru National Park, day trips to Amboseli National Park, and hikes on Mt Kenya, are just a few of the many opportunities available.
We have a few programs that includes volunteer that range from a day to 3 months