Samburu Game Reserve


Samburu National Park is located in Kenya’s dry northern region, an area of wide horizons and distinctive hills and mountains. One of the least visited parks, Samburu National Park presents some of the best game viewing the north of the country has to offer

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Samburu forms part of a large complex of National Reserve consisting of, the former, Buffalo Springs and Shaba. The Ewaso Nyiro River flows in Samburu National Reserve and is the lifeblood of the animals and the Reserve. It is also a central feature of the landscape. Situated in the northern province of Kenya, this Game Reserve is arid and home to a myriad of animals.

En route to the reserve, one encounters striking features such as the crossing of the equator in Nanyuki and the background of Mount Kenya as you travel towards the northern hemisphere. Huge Blue Mountains in the horizon along with the white of the snow-capped mount Kenya are quite warming to visitors.

The Samburu people inhabit the region and are pastoralists and nomads. Their intriguing cultural practices and values are a landmark for the tourism industry in Kenya.

2. Getting There
Samburu can be reached through Thika and Nanyuki and through Isiolo. Nairobi to Isiolo is about 300km and the road is in good condition up to Moyale. The main entrance to the Reserve is through the Archer's Post Gate.

3. Major Attractions
Samburu National Reserve is a top tourist destination and there is plenty to see and do as far as wildlife is concerned. The area is inhabited by a wide variety of animals, more so the rare species such as the long- necked gerenuk, gravy's zebra, reticulated giraffe and Beisa oryz. Other animals include the leopard, the mighty lion, elephants, crocodiles can be seen swimming in the Ewaso Nyiro River along with the hippo. As the Samburu people are pastoralists, domestic animals such as goats, cattle and camels can be spotted within the Reserve's boundaries.

The Park has an abundant species of birds; ornithologists consider the park as heaven sent. Other spectacles include the crocodiles fighting over meat during feeding time.

The Samburu dressed in the regalia provide entertainment in the form of song and dance whilst the African sunset envelops the park.

The forests along the riverbank are good for awakening the spirit of adventure in the traveler. The vegetation in the park is mainly two- fold, the plains are mainly arid and along the riverbanks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, vegetation is dense woodland.

Accommodation is mainly two lodges, one luxury tented camp and three campsites.

Samburu Game Reserve