Mt Elgon Hike 3 Days 2 Nights Sasa Trail Uganda. Mt Elgon is an year round climbing destination. Mount Elgon is a 4321 meters high extinct volcano that straddles the border between Uganda and Kenya.

It is the second highest mountain in Uganda and the eighth highest in Africa. Mount Elgon is a relatively easy hike with good quality well established trails and no technical climbing or steep slopes.

With porter support Elgon is achievable by anyone with an ok level of fitness. The biggest consideration is altitude and it is recommended to be acclimatised to 1500 meters – 2000 meters for a few days before undertaking either the 3 or 4 day trip.

This trip is guided by professional guides in Mt Elgon National Park and is undertaken in conjunction with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) rangers. We offer standard 3, 4 or 5 day trips using the Sasa and Sipi trails, however we can offer a bespoke trip on other trails if you prefer a more unique experience.

Highlights include: Hiking from Mude Cave camp up through the Simu valley during sunrise, crossing the caldera and exploring rock formations and wildflowers. Being alone on a vast mountain looking out across the whole of Uganda.

Reaching Wagagai summit at 4321m. Climbing the loose boulders to ascend Jackson’s summit. Spotting a wild duiker sprinting through the caldera. Bespoke trips are available.

Difficulty: 5/ 10 Our difficulty rating takes into account both technical difficulty and fitness required. Mount Elgon trips do require a good basic level of fitness however the trip can be tailored to take into account lower fitness levels (by adding days) and therefore the mountain remains accessible to most people.

On all trips expect to have hike from between 5 – 10 hours per day in all weather conditions, consider the need to acclimatize to altitude especially if you consider yourself a little unfit. (A day or two with small hikes around Sipi Falls at 1800 meters – 2100 meters is a good option.)

The below itineraries are the most popular 3 options however we can tailor the trip to suit you and your groups needs. Please contact us for any special requests and for a personalized itinerary.


Day 1. Bumosola To Mude Camp (1770 Meters – 3500 Meters). (6 To 10 Hours)

After meeting at UWA headquarters in Budadiri (1220 meters) we take a short boda-boda ride to the trailhead at Bumosola (1770m). From here it’s a strenuous few hours up to the ‘ladders’, a set of metal staircases that bring us up and into the national park and the rainforest.

These first few hours are some of the toughest of the whole trip with a steep incline, rough terrain and often hot mid-morning temperatures. After a rest and snack at the top of the ladders and a refill of our water bottles we hike on wide dirt trails through the forest and to Sasa River Camp.

Here we take a rest for tea and coffee and either lunch or snacks depending how we feel / our timing. This is our half way point for the day. As we continue up from here we move from rainforest to bamboo forest and eventually break through the forest entirely into alpine heather, shrub and giant lobelia.

We take a short rest to sign the visitor’s book as we pass the ranger’s outpost before a couple more km to our stop for the night at Mude Camp.

Day 2. Mude Camp To Wagagai Summit, Jacksons Peak (Optional) And Back To Mude Camp

(3500 Meters – 4321 Meters – 3500 Meters) (5 to 10 Hours)
Summit day! Depending on prevailing weather conditions this is often an early start to get the best opportunity for a clear summit. We leave our gear and porters behind and head for the top.

A strenuous day as we cross the 4000 meters mark and start to feel the effects of altitude slowing us down. Highlights on the way up are sunrise over the mountain, views of the Simu valley and Jacksons pool, everlasting flowers, alpine lichen and all the various Lobelia.

After reaching the summit we have the option on the descent to ascend a side summit on Jackson’s peak – this is the summit Jackson’s team in 1890 thought was the highest point due to its more striking profile but is in fact just 4160 meters. It is well worth the effort!

We get back to camp mid to late afternoon ready for an early dinner and an early night.

Day 3. Mude Camp To Bumosola. (4 To 10 Hours)

Information pack and expedition plan. Down down down the way we came. This is a long and unrelenting descent. The key is to take it real steady. After the ladders the trail becomes even steeper than it was and this can be a sting in the tail and real make your legs hurt.

So a slow start and a steady descent are the name of the game.Though hard on the legs it’s a lot easier coming down than it was going up so after just 3 – 4 hours we will be down and ready to boda back down to Budadiri.

We can celebrate with a drink here at the wonderful Roses’ Last Chance guesthouse before onward travel to your next destination.


Mt Elgon Hike 3 Days 2 Nights Sasa Trail Uganda Price includes: Mount Elgon National Park – Uganda Wildlife Authority fee of
225 US Dollars